Din A6 . 7 Karten im Set . 7 EUR
Muladhara Svadishthana Manipura Anahata Vishuddha Ajna Sahasrara
Erdung . Kreativität . Kraft . Liebe . Weisheit . Intuition . Verbundenheit

YOGAKISSEN Chakra Yogakissen



Chakra Art Postcards by Anja Escherich
Format of each postcard: A6 . Set with 7 cards

The artist and practising Yogini and yoga teacher Anja Escherich has created this wonderful and energizing Chakra postcards-set. On the back of each card, there is an explanation with the name of the Chakras and their positions. However, this is done very fine, so the postcard’s back can be fully used for writing.

I had worked on this series of Chakras for three years. The originals have been done with a regular technique with guache on a fine cardboard-paper. The many layers of colours create a shining, three-dimensional effect. The subtlety of laying the colours was possible due to a format of only 33 x 33 cm. My presentation of the Chakras is inspired by the traditional vedic illustrations as well as those of the master Harish Johari. Each original is signed with goldleaf and sealed according to the old traditions.
For the printing of the postcards it was possible to scan the originals and put them on a none-coloured background. In this way I can offer them as well as art-prints.

The Chakras: Muladhara . Svadishthana . Manipura . Anahata . Vishuddha . Ajna . Sahasrara or Protection . Creativity . Power . Love . Wisdom . Intuition . Transcendence